What is the RMS? It is the records system within the Sheriff’s Department and Las Cruces Police Department. Wat does it do. It stores millions of pieces of information from traffic crashes to theft and burglary reports. What besides keeping a record is it used for. It is one of the single most important investigative tools law enforcement has for tracking crime. It has all the records called in over the past years and allows both agencies to search for calls and reports of service over many years. Why is the RMS the fourth and final part of the plan? Because the system we have is failing. It is at a catastrophic failure point and when it goes it will not be recoverable. Every report that any citizen called in for service will be gone. Every single piece of information will be lost if it goes down.

How did we get here? Well like the police vehicles there was and has been no plan to upkeep the system. No maintenance fees were paid, nor upgrades and when it reached end of life two years ago nobody wanted to deal with it.

The new Sheriff finds an outdated and failing system. The good news is we are in the process of selecting a new system. The bad news is the removal of the Public Safety earmarked money places us right back where we were with no budget to properly care for and upgrade such an important investment. If we look at the history from the County a new system will be bought only because they have to but after that it will be left to wither and die just as this one has. The fourth and final section of the plan deals with the RMS. It set aside the monies needed to keep the system refreshed and our investment protected. Now again we ask ourselves why would this not be a good investment of the GRT when they told us the public it was for Public Safety? Again the same answers rise to the top. Some of the commissioners and County officials do not want the money earmarked for the RMS because then they cannot move it to their priority projects like the public transit for example.

The answer is simple we were told we had no choice when the Commission raised GRT by 3/8 penny and told at least 1/8 would go to increase Public Safety. Now we need to tell our Commissioners use the 1/8 penny GRT as it was indicated or give it back and an ordnance voted on by the public will remove the ability for such temptation to take it for other uses. Let them know if they can’t be trusted to do what they say, then they can be replaced by those willing to represent the public.