The second part of Sheriff Vigil’s four part plan has to do with the Radio System. If you guessed part of the GRT was to be used on the radio system you would be right. Our county has approximately 3,807 square miles for our deputies to cover. We are a unique county having some of our southern boundary being an international line between us and our sister country of Mexico as well as sharing a state line with Texas. We are the second largest county in the state.

So what is the state of our public safety system when it comes to radios? There are still areas where some of you live where radio contact between our unit and central dispatch is not available.

Have you ever seen a deputy standing outside holding their radio up as high as they can in an attempt to get a signal? I assure you it happens just ask one of your deputies if they have had to do it and they will tell you yes they have. The answer to this problem is upgrade the system and the towers as well as add more. Seems simple enough yet here we are again, such a simple answer needs the GRT money some county officials want elsewhere for other needs. The safety of the men and women who are there for your public safety are not of a high enough priority. Those of you who live in one of these areas where radio contact is limited are not enough for some of the County officials to want the GRT earmarked. Oh there is money set aside but again not a regular plan to insure the system updates and grows with the fast paced technology. Nope they want a one and done until the system is again out of date and in dire need because to do otherwise would take the promised GRT and use it where you were told it would go. Let your commissioners know this is not acceptable. Tell them use it as promised or give it back. Where is the public trust when a shell game is being played with the GRT and lives are in the balance? Exactly what roadway project in your district is more important than Public Safety Commissioner?