It would seem it is different depending on who you ask and what position they hold in our community. Let’s talk about what it is for the citizen and tax payer in Doña Ana County. If we look it up, it would appear Public Trust is the trust and faith that WE THE PEOPLE place in our elected official to fairly and accurately represent our desires when making decisions. It seems simple enough. We elect those who we believe will represent us in our behalf and in our best interest.

Sometimes if you really what to know what something is, it’s best to identify what it is not and that makes it easier to understand. Public Trust is NOT holding an election over the Public Transit and when it is defeated (voted down), raise taxes any way to fund it and say we are doing it anyway.

If WE THE PEOPLE voted NO and the representative says, “I don’t care I want this project and I’m going to use tax dollars to fund it anyway,” that is not an example of public trust. Public Trust is not in open meeting saying that 1/8th penny will be added to the Sheriff’s Department budget to support Public Safety and then play a shell game with our tax dollars so that money can be used elsewhere. This is not an example of PUBLIC TRUST.

Our website is designed by the Sheriff Deputies Association CWA 7911 to call your attention to what is happening within our community, to the fact that there are representatives who have lost sight of what Public Trust is and its impact on Public Safety.

We salute the few Commissioners who have tried to earmark public safety tax dollars yet have been blocked by those who have other plans for the tax dollars and not what they told us the Citizens of this county.

Contact your commissioner and tell them that this is not acceptable. Tell them to use the money as it was intended or to give it back and look to elect those we can place PUBLIC TRUST in. It is clear that there are those who have forgotten what it means to be a public servant and represent the wishes of the people over their own self-interests.

Get out and vote. Look for those who have actually done what they said they would do and let’s replace those who would continue to play the shell game.