We are the Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Association, Chapter CWA 7911. We are taking this opportunity to reach out to the citizens of Doña Ana and to those who visit our communities. Our Association represents the fine men and women of the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Department and their families. We, like you, live in the diverse communities which make Doña Ana County unique. Our families work in the communities, our children attend our local schools and our families attend and support community churches. We are consumers, we are providers, we are TAXPAYERS, we are voters and we are your Public Safety.

We approach you through the media to bring forth information and share in transparency, which some within County Government will be less than happy about.

That’s ok with us, because our freedoms are based in part upon those who are not afraid to call attention and sound the alarm when Government does not want to be held accountable.

Our County has a rich heritage and one part of this is the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Department.  In November 2014 the citizens of Dona Ana County without a doubt put their faith in the man they felt could best protect the public’s safety by election and vote for Enrique (Kiki) Vigil.  This web site does not represent the Sheriff. Instead, it supports his plans and direction to open and transparent government, holding the County Commissioners to both their word and responsibility while bringing our public safety up to the standards enjoyed throughout the state.

Our Elected Official, our Sheriff has hit the ground running working to bring forth and transform our agency into one of the best in the state. He has outlined deficiencies within staffing; noting that there are not enough deputies to adequately protect the second largest County in the State. He has identified deficiencies in equipment from vehicles to get to you when you the citizens call for help, to radios to ask for additional services needed to provide the citizens with the Public Safety they deserve. He has looked internally within our agency at policy and practice and found some were not in the best interest of the public and within the law. He openly called for internal audit and then displayed the accurate facts to the public who have a high expectation of their government public employees. He went forth before the County Commission and brought forth the “fact” based information to prove the needs of the agency to best serve the Citizens that elected him. Then, he was verbally attacked by members of the same Commission when he would not stand quiet and let a select few pull a shell game with the Gross Receipt Tax money.

This is your money, your tax dollars earmarked by the brave few who set the County Commission.

He has been publically ridiculed for fighting to represent public safety and has been told to sit and be quiet and was blocked from discussing the issues which he was elected to oversee. This site is here to bring you the information a few members of the County Commission and County Government don’t want you to see and hear.  Welcome to our website, Let The Sheriff Speak, please review the information then contact your County representative and tell them to represent you as they are required and if not then elect those who will. Tell them use the Gross Receipts Tax as specified or give it back and move to a public vote ear marking the full 3/8 to where the public can insure their safety will be addressed and not individual County Commissioner private projects.

Again welcome to our site!